Tuesday, March 5, 2013

painting gain!

I've been asked to bring two paintings to be shown in the CCAC  Arts showcase on March 15th  2013. Allegheney campus.

i'm going to bring two very nice paintings hope to see you there!.
i will also take pictures of the other artists too. i'm on the CCAC view newspaper.

i've been taking photos

well, to my surprise I entered my four photographs into the
 OH SNAP PROJECT and they were not only accepted they were printed and hung in the Carnegie Museum of Art in Oakland ,pa.
this is a biggie for me. I only took photography one and have something in the museum already.

I 've been invited to the museum for free so i can take a gander at  my work in a real museum.
stay tuned i will be taking pictures of me and my photographs!
you can find my photographs under My real name 

my new book

I have finally published my own book 
"flow with him spoken word poetry.
some of them I  perform at churches on their poetry nights
and then there's  the exciting women's conferences who  requests a poet.

So I put out my book so fans and friends a like can read their favorite poems and listen to the track they have already purchased.

here's the link please share or give it as a christimas gift how thoughtful!

nothing like words of inspiration and encouragement

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hello Again!
Just want to tell you about a wonderful  opportunity i was given to be VIP on this wonderful site. (I've written about before).  I won the VIP status for the month of December 2012. My  tracks were played on Poze radio (spreaker) aired on Poze radio I  will be featured in the next issue of Poze Magazine. I was in the mixed tape section of the first Edition. loved it.

If you are an up and coming artist come on over and have a good listen and join the rest of us.
This is an internet site that cares about the artist who join.

MY YouTube

Good Morning!
You can see my videos on you tube and subscribe to  my channel so you won't missing any thing new i'm doing


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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Internet Airplay

Great news!
I've been asked to upload my song "HOT PURSUIT"  for airplay on  Butterflies radio.com
patience has paid off once again. This is going to be sweet.  Currently being played on poze productions.com  wonderful internet radio. please check them out. 


Hi there!

     it's been a little crazy.  I just finished my second summer classes.  With that said a week off from school was so needed.  I traveled to New York to attend my brothers wedding  I had a fantastic time there, I wasn't quite ready to come back home However; I had too much to do and so I came back on time. Weddings bring out the competition in people  when they see the bouquet coming their way.
I'm taking a photography class this semester this should be so much fun

Thanks for reading !